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Re: Swiss localisation for Odoo 9 - Call for help please

Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul
- 15/10/2015 17:16:34
If you need to redo the P&L and BS, you may want to look at mis builder.

It's easy and robust and does not require views.

It's done or in PR for l10n-belgium, l10n-luxemburg, l10n-france so there are plenty of examples available.


On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 4:53 PM, Joël Grand-Guillaume <> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

We would like to speed up the port of the swiss localization modules to version 9. If some good fellows are willing to give a hand :) it would be welcome.

Of course Camptocamp will largely participate to the effort.

Where do we stand today?

* Odoo 9 enterprise includes the chart of account (l10n_ch) and  the list of taxes + a report for the VAT from (l10n_ch_report)

* Odoo 9 open source has no VAT form ; just the chart of account

Currently, in the OCA branches, no modules have been ported at all. 

What is the scope of the job?

Reports : 
Since account view have been removed in odoo 9, we need to create again the XML file for P&L and Balance sheet report based on the SME Chart of account 2015.

These reports exists in Odoo 8 (OCA) but are based on account view. 
I suggest (but it is only a suggestion) to base reports on user_type now instead of tags (new field in Odoo9) because the type is a required field whereas tags are not. To me, it is very important that reports are correct (at least grand totals) even if user do params errors  (ie : forget to add a tags...). Type are more reliable in my view but we will have to create something like 30-35 types... What do you think?

Modules port:
These are already listed by predro for all branches in Github issue, so I just give links again here: 

But for Switzerland, only the module 'account_invoice_rounding' is required to be able to do 5cts roudings

But for Switzerland, only the module 'account_payment_term_extension' is required to be able to do 5cts roudings in case of multi-payment terms

Thanks for your contribution,




Joël Grand-Guillaume
Division Manager
Business Solutions

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