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Non Standart Production

by Sinan Elmalı <> - 14/10/2015 10:41:32
Hello ,

We are looking for a solution for "non standart production" .Our needs ;

1- ) Choosing the BOM under sale quotation line      (because the customer needs to see Bom on quotaiton). 

        PRODUCT                     QTY
    Finished product                  1
    1.1 Bill of Meterial A              2
    1.2 Bill of Meterial B              2
    1.3 Bill of Meterial C              2

2-) Then we think to move this BOM to Manufacturing order when sale order confirmed. We don't want to create standart BOM becouse this is a non standart production and not possibble to use same BOM again.
4-) This is a simple production we don't need other properties on BOM like Routing,Operations...

I hope you have similar solutions,


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