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Proposal for a small module to filter on supplier for procurements

Bubbles-iT BVBA, Peter Langenberg
- 09/10/2015 08:26:16


We would like to create a (very) small module

Our customer would like to filter/group on supplier in his procurements.

Use case :

we confirm whole day sales orders with an mto products
at the end of the day the purchase managers groups his procurements (the ones where the field purchase order is set).
the purchase manager wants to change the route of some procurements to dropshipping (so he will cancel and edit the procurement to change the route and run it again).

I was thinking of adding a related field to procurement order and putting this in a small module.

I don't know if it is generic enough for oca ...
What would be a good name ?

Or more important, is there a module available already ?

Peter Langenberg

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