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Re: Error in the "Building a Module" tutorial

by "Javier Sanchez" <> - 06/10/2015 21:11:30
Problem solved. There was some problem with the security file and I was missing the warnings about it in the console. I don't fully understand what I did because I still have not gotten to that section, but it is solved and all examples are working fine.
Also, for some reason I dont get replies from the mailing list so I could not answer directly.
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 at 6:44 PM
From: "Javier Sanchez" <>
Subject: Re: Error in the "Building a Module" tutorial
>Have you updated your module? I assume it's openacademy...
Yes, it is openacademy. And no, I have not updated the module this time as I have been doing with all the exercise previous to this one, because, as I wrote, when I add the full model and try to load the Odoo log in page the browser just shows a basic error message, nothing else.