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Re: Supplier invoice suspending

by "lena moshchot" <> - 23/01/2023 22:12:31
Hey, Daniel
We are actually trying to use this module, 
though we try 15th(the latest) version with odoo 16.
The problem that we stuck with is that it throws is undefinded error when the ‘request validation’ button is pressed.
Hence i wonder, if you could suggest what could cause that.
Specifically - could that be caused by version discrepancies?
And if that’s the case - could you suggest how to migrate  it to 16th or whether there is chance someone will migrate it to 16th sooner?

Thank you,

On 20 Jan 2023, at 16:22, Daniel Reis <> wrote:

I would do this preventing the Vendor Bill from being confirmed until some criteria is met.
The Tier Validation module allows implementing this through configurable rules.