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Re: Question regarding the process for check deposit with POS V>=14.0

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 23/01/2023 17:30:45
Hello Florent,

I know this problem on Odoo v14 ; I developed the module "pos_no_cash_bank_statement" specifically to address this problem :
Once it is properly configured, the account_check_deposit module will work again with POS payment by check just like in v12.

The problem is different on Odoo v16, but it's another story :)


Le lun. 23 janv. 2023 à 17:01, Florent Thomas <> a écrit :
Hi everyone,

Hope it's the proper place to share this question.
In v12, all the payment mode for POS were journal so that it work perfectly with the check deposit module.
Getting check in the POS could be used directly in the deposit.

In v14, pos.payment.mode are not associated to a specific journal so that collected checks in pos ar not available for deposit.

Is anyone has an advce for this?

Maybe @legalsylvain @alexis-via ?


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