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Re: Sorry, i'm not familiar with git

Francesco Ballerini
- 20/01/2023 00:20:39
Thanks for the feedback Holger, is good to have some reliable indications on the right documentation to follow. For now i'll just save the link but this should go in my to-do list : )
I just managed to solve the issue on the commit name, thanks everyone for the patience and advices.

Il giorno gio 19 gen 2023 alle ore 23:47 Holger Brunn <> ha scritto:
> Hi Martin I made a small research and I'd like to make a try but at the same

> time I always doubt about the action I'm planning to do on git.  For

> example in this case I have read in this article

if you keep reading recipes about isolated issues you'll always doubt what 
you're doing. I recommend reading
(skip 4 and stop after 9)
and then you'll be confident on all git related actions

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