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Re: Module name, name collision

Vauxoo, Nhomar Hernández
- 15/12/2022 22:45:32

Avoid prefixes or suffixes.

an script in the ci with a centralize DB with module names would be the practical solution.

1. A quick service with elastic.
2. An script that makes a push to such index.
3. Serve a quick rest search.
4. An script for the CI that makes:
    curl url/search/modules_here -r
    read_response.json -> found
5. Red if exists (with proper output).

Why not the prefix/suffix.

1. Nothing will avoid with such technique the duplication of functions and modules.
2. In dev time the developer will know where the problem is (now I do simply a search in google, but as I said it can be automated).


El mar, 22 nov 2022 a la(s) 09:17, David Beal ( escribió:
Hi all,

It seems there are miscellaneous practices to deal with name collision in OCA, mainly regarding Odoo SA module names

here mgmt is used

here and in some other repos oca is used

Is there any other practice ?

Should we converge on the same standard ? with a rename in future version with apriori openupgrade file ?

Personally I prefer oca, but it probably needs to be voted !?

What do you think?



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