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Re: Translation for Odoo core<=12.0

Martin Trigaux
- 14/12/2022 16:15:40
Hi there,

Martin, managing the Transifex project at Odoo S.A. here.
Just to add that the 13.0 Transifex project is going away very soon too (probably end of year), it's no longer supported since the release of 16.0. We have a limited number of terms in our Transifex plan so we can't keep forever for all versions unfortunately.

As said Moises, we will not accept PR on deprecated branches (we can accept translation PR on a supported version if it's in a language/module that are not on Transifex). So OCA/OCB is your best bet but adding past projects on Weblate is not negligible in term of size.
To give you a rough idea to those managing the OCA Weblate project if you consider it : Odoo 13.0 is 236k source words and it's increasing of ~30k at each release.



On 14/12/2022 12:06, Sergio Corato wrote:
Hi all,

as Odoo deletes translation ability for versions not supported, is it possible to create a project in weblate for these versions?

As an alternative, I'll do PRs for every term to translate, perhaps not the better way (an user without git knowledge will find it hard to do).

Sergio Corato

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