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Propsoe OCA module -> Create Invoice by Line Percentage

Ecosoft Co. Ltd., Kitti Upariphutthiphong
- 28/09/2015 05:51:11
Dear community,

I wanted to port one of our frequently used module (to v8), "account_invoice_percentage"

May I first consult with you if it duplicated with other OCA module.

These feature will give more options when click "Create Invoice" button (from Sales and Purchase Order)

This module will have 2 features (need to go together)

Create Invoice by Percent

Ability to create invoice by percentage of completion. This is not the same as existing "Percentage" method that 
using the whole net amount, instead, it goes into each line of Sales Order to create new Invoice.

This result a real create invoice by percentage of completion (and won't have problem with discount or tax as the existing).

In addition, it could allow user to use Amount instead of percent (system will do the convert to percent).

1st Deposit Invoice (to be deducted by following invoices)

Only on the first invoice creation from a sales order, user can choose to create a Deposit, by percent or by amount.

The created invoice will be using default Deposit Account Code from Account Configuration, and thus post account correctly.

On the following invoice creation, no more deposit can be created, but rather a whole invoice or percent of completion. 
The 1st deposit amount will then be deducted on the following invoices, evenly by percentage of the invoice amount.

Thank you,
Kitti U.
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