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Q: How to Configure GS1 barcodes on Odoo 14 community version

- 04/12/2022 07:00:52
Greetings All,

I'm facing an issue with reading gs1 datamatrix codes, I have installed all related gs1 barcodes modules  but the system is still not able to read the barcodes. I have tried to configure it but there was no success.

Also, after updating "Stock Barcodes" to the latest version, I could not figure out how to configure the barcode option settings.

It would be really appreciated if you guide me through the process on how  to configure the gs1 as well as the new barcode option configurations for the latest version of "Stock Barcodes"

Below you'll find  all the  module that were installed Odoo 14 community version :

Stock Barcodes

Stock Barcodes GS1

Stock Barcodes GS1 Expiry

GS1 Barcode API

Product GS1 Barcode