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Re: Help wanted with contributing first (very stupid) module

Sunflower IT, Tom Blauwendraat
- 12/10/2022 17:08:15
Loving this spirit - yes, please contribute!

Of course, in OCA, there are some very opinionated nerds around, and I am no exception, so I would definitely give you some very polite review comments on this module :-D

But that is what the OCA is for and that is how we learn from each other.

With this module, you can add a dependency on "" (assuming that
your model has a field, which is trivial to add). This way, you get
all the benefits of having a compute cache, and your field will be recomputed
when the date changes.


It's a rather silly module, but I've found it useful and charming.

1. How would I find a good repository to contribute this module to?
There are _heaps_.

In the beginning days, this would have been "server-tools", since that is the repository where all the things belong that are so generic that you can't really categorize them anywhere. It hosts other such modules such as "datetime_formatter", you can also use that anywhere.

But because it became too big it was split up in "server-auth", "server-ux" and maybe another one that I forgot. It's not one of those either though, since your module does not specifically have to do with authentication or UX. So I would just do server-tools.

When in doubt, just propose it somewhere, you can always close the PR and propose it in the right place later.

2. Because I'm testing the waters; is this sort of module the sort of
module that has a right to live within the OCA?

"This kind of module" - yes sure! There are a lot of modules already in OCA and especially in server-tools that don't help end users directly, but it helps programmers, and this could fit there nicely.

"This particular module" - well let's see after review :-D I'm not 100% sure if there are not better ways to solve this problem.