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Re: Connector Prestashop PSC update

Disashop, Fernando La Chica
- 20/09/2022 21:42:44
My proposal was:

Hi all,

I would like to apply as PSC for

I have almost 18 years in the sector and 4 of them exclusively dedicated to Odoo. I'm working with it from 12.0 version. A year ago I joined a new team. One of the missions is to migrate from OpenERP 6.1 to Odoo 15 or higher. Thanks to this, my activity in OCA has increased. In addition, one of the entrusted projects uses the Prestashop connector intensively.

My GitHub account

Thanks for considering my request and regards.

El mar, 20 sept 2022 a las 10:51, Stéphane Bidoul (<>) escribió:
Dear contributors,

Fernando La Chica had requested to join the connector-prestashop PSC, but apparently his e-mails to the list did not get through. While we try to diagnose that issue, I took the liberty to add him to the PSC.

If anyone has objections, do not hesitate to say so.

Best regards,


Stéphane Bidoul

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