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Re: How do you solve invoicing period?

- 16/08/2022 17:36:53


I don't know if this is what you want, but I'm using date_range module, plus another one that creates months, quarters, semesters and years via ir.cron.

Then, I added some date_range_id fields on account.move.line model.


João Jerónimo

Às 16:32 de 16/08/2022, Rafael Blasco escreveu:

Hello Contributors!


I write because I don’t see a common straight solution (and user friendly) for this general use case.




Usually, I have been using the OCA module sale_order_type when a client have the need of defining invoicing periods like:


  • Monthly
  • B-weekly
  • Weekly
  • Daily


With sale_order_type +plus+ sale_order_invoicing_grouping_criteria you can group by. This module allow multiple criterias.




In the other hand there is the OCA module “account_invoice_base_invoicing_mode”, this looks like more specific but it has a huge dependency (I don’t know why): depends: account, queue_job, sale


With account_invoice_base_invoicing_mode +plus+ account_invoice_mode_monthly and other modules becomes the logic, but the customer cannot create their invoicing modes themselves, and need from us a new module each time.



The usability (UX) in my mind looks like clients (users) have a field like “invoicing period” (like invoicing mode) where they can create monthly, weekly, etc. (like payment terms) and after that they can set it in the partners form (customers or supplier). And after that improve with more modules automatism.


What do you think?


I write here before opening an issue in GitHub (maybe sale-workflow, maybe account-invoicing).



Thank you in advance

Best regards



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