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Re: Proposing myself as l10n-spain PSC

DIXMIT Consulting SLU, Enric Tobella Alomar
- 14/07/2022 15:00:19
Having a lot of PSC  members doesn't mean that the repo is maintained in a better way. I prefer having less PSC members involved with all kind of PRs than 20 that each one only checks it's own information. IMO Aritz is a great professional, but it is related to basque modules. It might be enough to be maintainer of this modules in order to be able to merge them. Something similar happens with me on facturae modules. I have made a lot of PRs on spanish localization but mainly related to a single theme. For this reason, I never proposed myself as PSC and I am maintainer of them.
Also, as you can check on the repo, only 57 PRs and 31 issues are open right now. It seems a good number for me, so I think it is rightly maintained. We can compare with other localizations:
Localization Open PRs Closed PRs Open Issues Closed Issues
Spain 57 1721 31 598
Italy 188 1909 302 470
Brazil 114 1498 104 303
Thailand 15 200 3 72
France 13 302 8 47
IMO, new PSC members might be needed on OCA, but doesn't seem necessary on Spanish Localization. If you are interested in being PSC on other repos I am sure we can find something.
And just to clarify, this is my opinion as a regular contributor on OCA concerned in the future of all the community.
My two cents,
Enric Tobella Alomar
From: "Josean Soroa - Landoo" <>
To: "Contributors" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2022 10:52:18 -0000
Subject: Re: Proposing myself as l10n-spain PSC
Hi all.
Excuse me for this long answer but the question is very important for us.
My vote is +1 for Aritz.

My reasons are very similar to the case of Pablo:
- I believe in our l10n-spain repo, we shoudn't restrict PSCs to those with deep knowledge of all 39 modules. Selected PSCs should be professionals with enough experience on OCA contribution rules and aware of its limitations. They have to review and merge only modules within their area of expertise.
- I know him as a serious and responsible professional. I'm sure he is not going to merge PRs outside his expertise.
- Aritz is one of the few developers who knows deeply Basque Country localization

In are more deep explanation, I'm involved in this question by 3 different rules.
- As President of Aeodoo I'm trying to boost spanish localization and I believe that one of the mistakes in spanish community is the very small number of PSCs
From last year Urtzi (from Coninpe) is the member of the board of Aeodoo leading with spanish localization and results are very hopeful. Just see "Mentoring project". Hi has a very good vision on this point and is asking for more PSCs.
- As member of "Basque Country localization team", I'm actively working to add specific Basque fiscal requirements (basically Ticketbai). Leader of this team is Victor (from Kernet) and this days is in holidays, so I speak in his name. We are planning to proceed with two code sprints on this july and we need enough PSCs to not stop the development of this window. In this team we are 10 companies with a compromise of at least 2 resources dedicated to this activities, each one (so 20 people). Objective is to have all our needed developments from v13 to v15 at the end of July. This is not possible if we have to wait to much for merge. Take note that we are speaking about 5 modules x 2 versions (14 and 15) = 10 PRs with their approvals and merges.
This is too much work in a windows of 2 days for only one or two PSCs and they need good knowledge about Basque fiscality. None of actual PSCs is involved directly in this developments.
- As contributor I see other questions. For example, in Italy they have 9 PSCs (as explained by Sergio Corato in this mailing list). All of them are fully skilled in their 54 modules? I'm sure they're not. But I'm sure each one of them only merges modules that they know enough.

I hope other members of the community will agree with this point of view and will send a +1 to this applicant.

Josean Soroa
El mié, 13 jul 2022 a las 11:32, Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) (<>) escribió:
Sorry, Aritz, your experience in the localization is totally limited to TicketBAI, so for me as PSC representative of l10n-spain is a -1.
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