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Re: How to import old invoices from legacy system

- 09/06/2022 13:56:11
importing old and paid invoices is complicated.

you need to import invoices
and the payment entries. then you would need to reconcile them. consequently, they won't appear any longer in your list of unpaid invoices

next you need to reverse them: let me explain. as you enter old invoices, they would generate revenue and the yearly balance will go to accumulated profit on the balance sheet. But this will be double counted when you will import your actual opening accounting balances. so.. the easiest method would be to reverse (to zero-ise) the entries so that you start with a clean balance sheet.

hope this helps

On Thu, 9 Jun 2022 at 6:27 PM, Radovan Skolnik <> wrote:
That makes sense but I guess this will enter into "accounting" and affect many 
things (accounting-wise). These are invoices spanning more than 15 years and 
have been "processed" (for the lack of better term on my side). Also not sure 
I am able to create those balanced entries. So I guess I'd stick with Sale 

Best regards


On štvrtok 9. júna 2022 12:17:26 CEST Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) wrote:

> You have to create the whole `account.move` with `line_ids` one2many totally

> filled and balanced.



> Regards.



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