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Re: Upgading from v14 til v15

Bringsvor Consulting AS, Torvald Bringsvor
- 20/04/2022 11:32:49
Hi Frederik, long time no see.

Ok, I've sent him an email so maybe I'll be able to contribute a little to the community again. Stay tuned :-)

Torvald Baade Bringsvor
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On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 12:56 PM Frederik Kramer <> wrote:
Hi Torvald, 

unfortunately the OpenUpgrade project currently stucks in v14 (afaik),
so i am afraid there is no 'easy AND fast' option to upgrade other then
the EE service right at the moment. 

The OCA has made OpenUpgrade a strategic priority though for the
future. But don't expect an OpenUpgrade based solution anywhen soon. 

In order to get a way more very profound answer on the status of the
OpenUpgrade project and possibilities to help you on the concrete
matter, please ask Stefan Rijnhart to consult you on that (he is one of
the driving heads behind the project). 

I am sure he would be interested in working with you together on your
clients' challenge. If this feeds the OpenUpgrade v15 development we
are all better of :-) and besides that i encourage everybody out here
that has similarly "easy" use cases for a v15 migration to reach out
via mailinglist.

Hope that helps for the moment



Am Mittwoch, dem 20.04.2022 um 10:37 +0000 schrieb Torvald Baade

> I have tried to look at OpenUpgrade but I have not been able to find

> out how to use it... My problem is that I have an onsite installation

> with two websites. We only use website + event modules so it should

> be an easy upgrade, but do you have any suggestions on how to

> proceed?



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