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Re: Move purchase_request* and purchase_work_acceptance*

Tecnativa. S. L., Pedro M. Baeza
- 21/12/2021 11:23:57
Now that having a lot of runboat instances is not too much of a problem, I think it's better to split the maximum repos for smaller sets of modules, so I will go to all of them that we are talking about. Reducing the number of them will:

- Avoid potential conflicts between them.
- Reduce tests size.

On the contrary, it makes the ecosystem a bit more complicated, and gets people used to look to other places. When we unfolded OCA/hr into several repos, including OCA/hr-holidays and OCA/hr-expense, some people still created PRs to migrate one module that is already migrated, but on the other repo. But the problem here is that people don't look, and it happens constantly, not only with this, so no big deal.