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Re: [29806] Porting account_reset_chart to v14+

by "Stefan Rijnhart" <> - 10/12/2021 11:42:20
On 02-12-2021 13:46, Frederik Kramer wrote:
Hi Stefan, hi others, 

a small OCA realated question. Does anyone of the originators or
contribtors of

know if the core functionality (empty and change the whole CoC) 
of this module has ever been superseeded by anything other (i guess
account_chart_update won't do that trick) or if it simply hasn't been
ported so far. 

If there are now massive technical traps either of you is aware of 
i would let it migrate to v14 the days to come. I would really
appreciate all your comment on that.

Dear Frederik,

note that the module is in the 10.0 repo but uninstallable, so that's actually the 8.0 version you're looking at.

That is a long 6,5 years of financial refactoring on the Odoo side, so you can be looking forward to a complete redevelopment of the functionality I'm afraid.

Good luck!

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