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PEPPOL/UBL Order response - replacement items

Teo Pezo
- 26/11/2021 12:41:10

Hello fantastic community!


I’m looking at the “replacement item” case in peppol order response:


I’m trying to understand how this is solved in Odoo.


  1. From a retailer perspective I want to be able to replace items on a sales order and track the old and new product and respond correctly.

  2. From a purchase perspective I want to be able to handle the case when the retailer exchange a product upon delivery…. I want the PO and the inventory reception to reflect the change and I want to keep historical information (what product has been exchanged).


Can anyone give some insights to how these scenarios might be solved?


We have also started prototyping a replacement module for #1 but I’m not sure if it’s unnecessary work.


We have worked with EDIFACT/ESAP6 and the similar flows with other systems that handle this situation but I don’t see it clearly in odoo.


Best regards