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Coop IT Easy SC agréée, Virginie Dewulf.
- 18/11/2021 10:44:47
Hello everyone,

Hope you're all well since our last OCA days (scoop: the videos are coming really soooon on our Youtube Channel)!

But this time I need your help on Odoo stuff for a customer:

A customer of us uses the eCommece Odoo Community (v11) and would like to sell Gift cards on the webshop in order for the gift card's beneficiary to come later on the webshop and buy anything he wants using the Gift card to "pay" his purchases.

Is there something that you use?

I don't get if this can apply to this Use Case or not.
Second question: would it be possible to backport this code to v11 without too much pain?

Also I was pointed to this PR about website_sale_promotion_rule:
Would this code be an option for my Use Case?

(I can a little bit read the code but not that much so any help is welcome here! I'm also trying to test the sale-promotion modules on the runbot in parallel)

Thanks a lot for your help!
Have a nice day,