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Sunflower IT, Tom Blauwendraat
- 17/09/2021 09:38:14
Wow, i must say that everyone comes up with much better ideas than I had originally.

Regarding the "smarter bot" ideas: although it's typical for a bunch of programmers to come up with a solution to a problem by throwing more engineering into it, I feel there's something to it, it just needs more crystallization and then a hackathon to make it happen. Maybe a good theme for a team at this year's online code sprint?

I hope more people keep contributing to this thread since I do think it's a big issue. I'm also interested to know how other open source projects are handling this. And perhaps we can look at the "IT projects LLC" repos for inspiration - even though i dont understand their system, it looks pretty happy with all the icons. A "important bugfix" being represented by an ambulance.

A question that popped to my mind yesterday is one for the board - has it ever been considered for OCA to pay people to fulfill maintainer roles within the organisation? Money seems to be something thats available, and the spending of money on OpenUpgrade has been a great things throughout the last years also.

Thanks all

Sep 17, 2021 09:02:07 Yann Papouin <>:

+1 for the bw/fwport bot

- It would be nice to have a new convention to tag a PR with a label like "Review it in 30 seconds" [R30] when it is a basic/simple/quick fix add/fwd that does not require you to soak up the functioning.
- It would be nice too that a bot automatically tag an issue/PR with a github label based on the issue/PR name or simply the target branch name : eg: [12.0] -> image.png

Yann PAPOUIN, Ingénieur R&D | DEC

Le ven. 17 sept. 2021 à 08:52, Jairo Llopis <> a écrit :
I should add that repos using the template (all AFAIK) can upgrade to the latest version and benefit from A bot will warn and close stale PRs/issues.

El jue, 16 de sep de 2021 a las 12:51:48 PM, Sylvain LE GAL <> escribió:
That's true ! One of the origins is the fast release rate of Odoo, which requires continuous migration of modules that, for many, do not change.

Unfortunately, that situation will not change. Odoo policy seems to be : "a year = a release".

Yep. They do it because they can handle it. The question is: why we can't?

There are many reasons, but the one that I find most important and easiest to fix is that we need a bw/fwport bot.

That will make maintenance pleasing, so we'll have more maintainers.

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    Sunflower IT, Tom Blauwendraat
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