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Re: New module derived from Odoo CE licensing/credits question

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 30/07/2021 17:54:42



thanx for an input. I initially thought to make it in a way so that both modules can work side-by-side. But that is probably pretty useless so your idea is actually pretty good and would make the module really small.


The code and templates I removed are for product.attribute.category for product.attribute to group them. I think I cannot (can I?) disable the code so the additional object/table/column will be there. However I would like to disable the templates relating to these so they do not confuse the user. According to a Google search it can be done in this way:


<record id="full_external_id_of_the_template" model="ir.ui.view">
        <field name="active" eval="False"/>


If I uninstall my module will the active statu return to its previous state? Should I use anything like that or just document in the readme that the product.attribute.category is useless while using


Best regards




On piatok 30. júla 2021 13:47:19 CEST Holger Brunn wrote:

> > Would such module be acceptable for OCA? Any comments

> > are welcome. Best regards


> shouldn't be very different than backporting an Odoo SA module, right?


> CONTRIBUTING.rst#backporting-odoo-modules

> But if there's so little changes, why can't you just depend on the module

> and change what's to be changed in your code?

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