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Re: Translation in Odoo and OCA

- 23/07/2021 11:43:18
I work on translations in other project, rarely in Odoo.
Something missing in Odoo Transifex is translator's background on french 
language and open discussion. Users should also be implied (specially 
women), as it looks like tranlations are quickly made by Odoo experts 
rather than «poorly trained in Odoo» users.

Xavier Brochard
La liberté est à l'homme ce que les ailes sont à l'oiseau (Jean-Pierre 

Le 22.07.2021 12:27, Alexis de Lattre a écrit :

> Dear OCA friends,


> I'm about to start an initiative to improve the French translation of

> Odoo v14 (official and OCA modules), which is currently very poor

> compared to other languages before the release of v15. My experience

> on this topic is very limited, so I have several questions and I'm

> interested in some advice from translation communities of other

> languages.


> Experience/Advice

> ==============

> I'm interested by the experience of other Odoo translation communities

> that achieve high coverage and high quality (but not where only 1

> company makes all the translation work) :

> - How are you organised ?


> - How do you ensure that translations are "coherent" among official

> and OCA modules ? For example, making sure that "Currency" is always

> translated by "Devise" and not by "Monnaie". Or how to translate

> "Quantity on hand" vs "Available quantity" (in the current French

> translation of Odoo, these 2 terms have the same translation which is

> a big problem !!!).


> - Are translations mostly done by developers or by non-developers ?

> - How do you motivate translators ?

> - What are the best practice for translation communities on Odoo/OCA ?


> OCA modules

> ============

> I only found this page, which gives very little information


> Here are my questions :

> - what is the delay between translation in Weblate and commit on

> Github (it seems very fast ; commits seem to be done on a daily

> basis...)

> - Does a moderation/review take place before commit on Github for

> untranslated terms ? (seems that the answer is "no") and when we

> change/improve a translation ?

> - are there different access rights for translation of a particular

> language ? If yes, who is the "master" for French language ?


> Official modules

> =============


> For the official modules, there is a wiki page which gives a lot of

> information :


> I read that there are 3 levels of access rights :

> 1) translator

> 2) reviewer

> 3) coordinator

> In my Transifex profile, it says :


> lang French of the team "Odoo Translators"


> So I guess I'm at the first level. Do some of you see "Odoo

> Reviewers'" or "Odoo Coordinator" on your profile page ? How can I

> know who is the Coordinator for the French language ?


> On the wiki page, it says that Reviewers "Can approve translation

> suggestions from Translators". But, when I translate some odoo strings

> in Transifex, it seems that my changes are commited without review. Or

> is it only when I change an existing translation ? All these access

> rights are not clear to me.


> I remember that, a few years ago, there was a page on a wiki or

> Etherpad, where there was some guidelines/instructions for the French

> translation : this page said for example that "Currency" should always

> be translated by "Devise" (and not "Monnaie"), etc... But I don't find

> this page any more...