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Re: OCA module contributors and migrations

Tecnativa. S. L., Jairo Llopis
- 15/07/2021 11:04:45
El jue, 15 de jul de 2021 a las 07:32:02 AM, Harald Panten Lopez <> escribió:
I think the responsibility to control these "fake contributors" shouldn't be for the modules authors but for PSC.

Don't you think so?

If a spammer properly migrates a module, let him spam!

If he just fixes one typo in the readme, block that from being added to contributors.

I think spam contributions are a valid point, but still anything like that should be recorded in the contribution guidelines too. How to identify a spammy contribution is a subject in itself that is interesting not only for OCA, so if somebody has a study on that, it would help here.