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Migration Folders during migration in OCA Modules

MoaHub, Graeme Gellatly
- 15/07/2021 01:19:53
Hi all,

Increasingly I am facing an issue with both OpenUpgrade and Enterprise migrations in relation to migrations folders. We have a practice of deleting them whenever a module is migrated.

So my question is why?

Let me outline a few issues on one side and hope I can be enlightened of the other side.

Client is on version 8.0.1 of mis_builder. They migrate using OpenUpgrade and it skips the very important 8.0.2 migration.

Another client chose to use Openupgrade only for core modules for intervening versions. This is essentially the same issue as an enterprise migration of 2 versions. You get the database back without 3rd party modules migrated.

The latest module version only contains scripts for 1 version. So you spend hours hunting through finding the scripts, forking repos etc to get the scripts you need.

But also I ask myself if we couldn't reduce multiversion migration time if a current version ran multiple folders. But then again, Odoo enterprise migration does all modules for a version, then moves to the next version so perhaps not feasible.