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Migration to Odoo 14: replacing size attribute of Char field

- 21/05/2021 10:52:23
Hi all,
I am migrating some modules to version 14 following but there is:
Remove size=X attribute in Char fields, as it's no longer valid for restricting the size of the strings.
that I don't know how to satisfy.

The attribute size=X still works fine in Odoo 14 with also the UI limitation so I believe this comes from but as far I can see, it has always been deprecated (at least from, so is there any reason for this to be explicitly mentioned in Odoo 14 migration?

I know I could add an `api.constrains` but this looks to me like overkill since I believe constraints should be used for more complex conditions.
Moreover: `api.constrains` does not add any limitation in the UI, so it is not as user-friendly as the attribute size=X that does not allow the user to input more than X characters.
I should then add also something in every view showing the Char field (hopefully just an option for the Char widget), but it still seems too much work for such an easy requirement.

This said, what is a valid alternative to the size=X attribute?

Simone Rubino