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Re: New module for data synchronization between Odoo instances

Invitu, Cyril VINH-TUNG
- 21/04/2021 18:35:28
Dear Daniel
I would be interested with your work about data sync between instances
We have a use case here with a pos on a boat without internet access when at sea...
We are considering synchro at db level with bucardo...
Feedback is welcome
Best Regards

Le ven. 19 mars 2021 à 02:16, Daniel Reis <> a écrit :

I'm working on a module to synchronize data between Odoo instances.
It will support one master with many slave databases, and allow for bidirectional sync.
My design builds on top of, and expands, the great auditlog module (

I'm considering my options on:

a) the repo to contribute the module to, and
b) the name for the module.

Suggestions are welcome.

Thank you

Daniel Reis
Managing Director
M: +351 919991307
Av Doutor Desidério Cambournac 12 • 2710-553 Sintra, Portugal

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