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Odoo v17 barcode app issues

- 17/04/2024 14:50:38

I am facing an issue related to the barcode mobile app in odoo v17.
step to produce this issue.
1. create a purchase order with one product having 15 quantities and confirm it.
2. go to the barcode application and open its receipt.
3. now scan the product and add 10 quantities.
4. go back or refresh the page then it's updating the demand quantity from 15 to 10.
5. so when I open that receipt again it's not allowing me to proceed with the remaining 5 quantities.

so I checked this issue and found that the odoo base has not defined 'reserved_uom_qty' in stock.move.line.
is there anything related to this?
can you guys please help me out with this issue?

Thanks and Regards,
Dakshal Jethava
Associate Software Engineer 
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