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Integration of mailing.mailing (Email marketing) templates and webiste pages?

Radovan Skolnik
- 04/03/2021 09:17:42

let me start in this way. When receiving e-mail campaign mails from various 
sources, they usually contain a link saying "If you cannot read this email 
properly, click here to display on web" or something like that for cases when 
email client forbids loading external content or just cannot render the HTML 
content properly. The link leads to a webpage where there is basically the 
same content as in the email.

Now I would like to achieve something similar. I.e. to be able to send themed 
marketing emails and have them contain link to website page as a alternative 
way of displaying the content. That webpage should be a normal webpage - will 
be advertised through other means as well (Facebook, Instagram, ...)

Now I know I could design/create both email template and website page but that 
just doubles the work. So I am looking for something like one of these 

*) You design the email and have it render (create) the website page with the 
same content.
*) The same as above but just the other way around. Create webpage and from 
that have email generated.
*) Something else?

Can anyone advise anything in this regards? Or am I missing something as 
usual? ;-)

Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik