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Re: Partner Hierarchy module

Holger Brunn
- 03/03/2021 19:02:09
> No hierarchy in the sense of parent_of though with 

> [1]

> Only feedback, in environments with the granularity requested on the

> partners, we simultaneously have requests for qualifications of relations

> between partners without any parent relations as funders, investors,

> administrators ... and partner_multi_relation module is a good complement

when conceiving this originally, I did toy with a `transitive` checkbox, then 
you could use transitive relations just like parent_of. But as the customer 
lost interest in this feature, so did I. Maybe Daniel will add it?

OTOH this case sounds more like composite relations: When partner A has 
relation X with B, and B relation Y with C, then A and C have relation Z. This 
also sounds like a very useful feature to have, and I think will be much less 
computationally expensive to implement if you don't just store the transitive 
closure above.

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