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Re: Partner Firstname 17.0 Migration

Therp, Nikos Tsirintanis.
- 09/04/2024 15:49:10

Hi Friedrich,

Indeed, partner_firstname exists in v17, and you can use it right away. Please note that there is an open pull request for this module, with a bug fix, over here:

Please review this fix if you have time, it will be highly appreciated by the community.



On 09-04-2024 15:42, wrote:

Hi all, 

my company uses the partner_firstname module in odoo 16E. We are currently in the process of upgrading to 17. Therefore, I am interested in the development roadmap for the official version 17 release of the partner_firstname module. It is not yet published on the official OCA or Odoo App Stores, however, there is a folder in the v17 Git branch of the OCA modules. Git Link

I would appreciate any information on the timeline or wheather the Git module is still ready to be used.

Thanks in advance!

Friedrich Sauer


Friedrich Sauer

Head of Technology Operations


Servicum GmbH

Energiewende im Handwerk

+49 172 1324603



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