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Re: Tree/List item "open modal form"

CorporateHub OU, Alexey Pelykh
- 08/04/2024 08:53:11
Thanks! I'll check that out at well!

On 3 Apr 2024, at 08:12, Daniel Reis <> wrote:

I recently impelmented a similar pattern:
On Sales Order Lines there was a button to open a popup presenting a list of lines.

The approach was:
- add a one2many field on SOL
- add a new Form view for SOL, with the one2many field
- add a button on the SOL that opens the new SOL form in a popup

A terça, 2/04/2024, 20:36, Alexey Pelykh <> escreveu:

Dear community,

I'm looking for a module that implements a feature similar to enabling "open_form_view" on a tree/list, yet that opens the form as a modal overlay and allows editing.

The use case: on products, there are extra fields with HTML values ("product details") that are copied to the sale order line and may be modified (alike "sale description").
For obvious UX reasons, having HTML fields in a tree/list is not great, yet editing them somehow is still needed.

I've considered alternative of setting  editable to False does not do the trick as that form does not have all the fields exposed that are visible in the tree/list.

If no such thing exists, I'm considering making a base_list_item_open module that would expand or alter the open_form_view approach.

Cheers to all,

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