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RE: Help! Screen recording tool being discountinued

- 01/04/2024 12:21:40

Or the Windows 10-11 integrated snipping tool, you can then share by e-mail, OneDrive, Teams, WhatsApp, …




From: Johan Van Hirtum <>
Sent: 19 March 2024 15:22
To: Contributors <>
Subject: RE: Help! Screen recording tool being discountinued




Maybe Teamviewer is what you need. You can take control of the screen of your customer and help him as if you are standing next to him.


With kind regards,


Van Hirtum Johan


Van: Francesco Foresti []
Verzonden: dinsdag 19 maart 2024 13:17
Aan: Contributors
Onderwerp: Re: Help! Screen recording tool being discountinued


Just for clarification: we're looking for tools to provide to the end users (anyone working in the customer's company), so when they have any issue with or question about a specific behavior we can see the exact steps to reproduce the behavior. 


So the goal is to have users quickly report any behavior by sending us a screen recording of it :)



Il giorno mar 19 mar 2024 alle ore 11:42 Jairo Llopis <> ha scritto:

We are happy with, although they don't support Firefox or Linux very properly.


Another option is OBS, although it requires a bit more setup and manual work.


El mar, 19 mar 2024 a las 10:22, Francesco Foresti (<>) escribió:

Hi all, 


my question is not odoo-related but very relevant for operations in my company. 


We've been using this tool for screen recording and sharing: 


Unfortunately it will be discontinued by the end of the month and I'm looking for a replacement. 


This tool was specifically user friendly as installing the desktop app (mac/win covering 99% of customers) it allowed for:


- having a quick shortcut to screen recording

- when recording ended, a link was automatically generated for sharing the video

- no storage limit or preservation issues (links would still be working after months)


Now for this last point we'd be ok with paying a premium storage plan or something like that, the important thing is to provide anyone working with us an easy way to quickly record and share screen recording. 


What are your suggestions?





Francesco Foresti

Sicurpharma Srl

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Francesco Foresti

Sicurpharma Srl

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