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Re: Advanced(?) use of calendar view in 13.0

Axel Mendoza
- 04/12/2020 17:58:53
Nothing is impossible, it could be done but you will need to have some custom development in place to make the described behavior working. I haven't seen anything already done in that way but it wouldn't take too long to get it working if you know how to move with the Odoo JS extensions and have a little deep knowledge of how Odoo JS Framework works

On Fri, Dec 4, 2020 at 4:36 AM Radovan Skolnik <> wrote:
No ideas for this? Is it impossible or am I asking really stupid question here 
and answer is obvious? Any alternatives - for example using web_timeline view? 

Thank you. Best regards


On utorok 1. decembra 2020 12:54:22 CET Radovan Skolnik wrote:

> Hello,


> we use calendar view for displaying project tasks using color="user_id" -

> standard thing. However we have created an additional field on project.task

> that is Many2one reference to assistant (a second guy that participates in

> the task).


> Now I would like to achieve these 2 things but no amount of searching helped

> me in any way:


> 1) When selecting a user_id checkobox on the right be able to display also

> tasks where that user is an assistant. Is it possible somehow?


> 2) Cutomize the content of the entry (task) box. It only shows name, all the

> configured attributes appear in that popup box tha tappears on the click

> like this:


> Whereas in 12.0 you had all the information inside the box:



> Can I achieve something similar? I want to have additional visual

> information present on the record, not just name.


> Thank you very much. Best regards


> 	Radovan Skolnik

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