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Re: Mail cc

SHS-AV srl, Antonio M. Vigliotti
- 01/12/2020 11:58:09
I agree.

Antonio M. Vigliotti

Mobile (+39) 342.8740910

Il 01/12/20 10:47, Sergio Corato ha scritto:
Hi all,

AFAIK there isn't a generic approach to send mail with CC instead of A, or I miss something?

The use case would be something like: if a mail is sent to 1 recipient, go with A. If there are multiple recipients, 1 go with A and the other with CC.

So an 'integrated' logic, without user intervention (except to optionally change the A recipient, or something other).

Thanks in advance!

Sergio Corato

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    Mail cc

    by di Sergio Corato, Sergio Corato
    - 01/12/2020 10:45:14 - 0

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