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Re: Issues when running tests

Isabelle RICHARD
- 26/03/2024 21:07:13
Hi Francesco,

You are talking about master data, but the product with the reference product.product_product_9 is a demo data.
It's only present in your database if you enabled the Demo Data option, when you created your database.

Did you enable this?


Isabelle RICHARD

Le mar. 26 mars 2024 à 20:57, Francesco Ballerini <> a écrit :

I am trying to run tests in my Odoo instance by adding --test enable but I'm having some issues. I am not used to run tests so I'm probably just missing something.

When I try to run tests for module sale_product_multi_add by launching command:

python3 odoo-bin -c odoo.conf -d dbname -u sale_product_multi_add --test-enable 

tests immediately fails because `self.env.ref()` cannot read external ids for master-datas. You can see the complete log in attached .txt

I have also tried to run the same command for module sale_product_brand_exception which also checks for master-data and I got the same error.

It seems like an issue with the environment, but addons path is defined in odoo.conf and working well outside of tests. I have also tried to pass --addons-path parameter in the CLI command but the result didn't changed.

I hope I have provided enough informations, if not, let me know.
Do you have any suggestions?

Fra B.

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