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Re: 14.0 branches

TAKOBI s.r.l., Lorenzo Battistini.
- 14/10/2020 11:01:12
+ 1 for generating oca_dependencies.txt and requirements.txt

In any case, thanks a lot for your work Stéphane

On Tue, 13 Oct 2020 at 09:32, Stéphane Bidoul <> wrote:
On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 5:32 PM Stéphane Bidoul
<> wrote:

> I'll see if I can find an easy way to generate oca_dependencies.txt

> and requirements.txt.

I have been giving some thought to this and I believe it is possible
to create a reasonably fast pre-commit hook that generates
oca_dependencies.txt and requirements.txt.
Roughly, requirements.txt would be generated from the
external_dependencies manifest keys in the repo.
oca_dependencies.txt would be generated by looking at the website key
in manifests of first level dependencies which we find in the url key
of wheels (it is supposed to have the form{repo} and we can enforce if we don't do it
There are some devils in the details (like what to do with
test-requirements.txt, and what to do when there are conflicting
requirements) but that seems manageable at first glance.
The result should be identical to manually crafted files and help
ensure consistency.

Would that work for people who care about those two files ?

For the rest, yeah, I guess this thread shows how deeply people care
about their project workflows, and that is only normal.
I can only repeat that *this should not have any impact on them*.
When I have more time I'll answer to some comments that worry about a
pip project workflow being broken or something (spoiler: it is not :)



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