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Re: Module for uploading multiple images/attachments to website

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 13/10/2020 16:34:54
Nobody has anything on this? I really hate repetitive tasks - in this case 
uploading images one by one. Isn't there a way for example to import 
attachments? I've seen something like base64 encoding the content of image and 
the provide it as content. But still needs to set Resource Model to ir.ui.view 
which seems to be read only? Am I missing somethin crucial here? Any advice is 
highly appreciated. Thank you.

Best regards


On pondelok 28. septembra 2020 10:42:15 CEST Radovan Skolnik wrote:

> Hello,


> we are migrating old site (done in WordPress) into Odoo created site. I am

> looking for a way to upload and store multiple images for use in the

> migrated pages/blogs. So far I couldn't find a way to do this but I have a

> hunch I am missing something here :-) Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


> Best regards


> 	Radovan Skolnik