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[Delivery]: Scan packages instead of products in Shipping

- 05/10/2020 11:29:19
Hi all contributors, 

In Odoo 13 CE, I have implemented the 3 steps delivery process.
In this process we scan products or the picking itself in order to manage quantities...
In Pack, products are packed in packages so that in Ship, operators should scan the packages and make sure everything is Ok. That is to say, at this level, operators shouldn't scan products of each package because: 

1- Package is already done and Zebra labels are already printed and attached.
2- Even if 1 is not done, scanning all products again is time consuming and should be held by package scanning only. (Each package has its EAN-13)

I have searched in OCA modules for a module that meets this feature but couldn't find any. 
Maybe i did not look well into the modules.. 
Does anyone have an idea ? Any lead is appreciated.