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Embed existing PDF into QWeb report

InitOS GmbH, Pete Hahn
- 01/10/2020 14:08:33
Dear contributors,

i have a client that requests to add their terms and conditions* as part
of the order report as the last page, but they have some order specific
data and specific styling around, so I can’t just append static pages at
the end of the report.

I am looking for a solution to embed PDF* into the QWeb report.
Quick search on the internet gave no result.

My best bet idea (not yet tested however) would be to convert the PDF to
embed into SVG and embed this and try out if wkhtmltopdf can handle this.

Any better ideas?

Bonus question:
Is there something readymade to append existing PDF to the PDF generated
by QWeb reports?

Thanks. Regards, Peter

* Terms and conditions is a PDF document I could store as attachment or
static file into the module in this case.