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Re: Purchasing "packaging-like" products

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 02/03/2024 16:41:16
Hi Tom,

thank you for tip. That's probably the way to go even it requires some tweaking of the product name / purchase description / price. What I mean is if we have the original product like "Flora Margarine 8x1kg" for 40EUR and we create UoM of 8-pack, the product internally should have name of "Flora Margarine 1kg", purchase description of "Flora Margarine 8x1kg" and cost of 5EUR. However that is doable even with hundreds of products - regular expressions in Libre Office can do magic to help.

Few things then remain when purchasing like:
1) On purchase order use only purchase description so it seems like the original product. There used to be purchase_order_line_description, but latest version is stuck at 12.0 Will port to 17.0
2) Only allow the purchase_uom_id of that 8-pack to be selected on purchase order as no other UoM is really available. Something like Aymerick suggested but not aware of something dealing with this
3) Maybe hiding the name of the UoM from purchase order as it would confuse the supplier

Best regards


On piatok 1. marca 2024 22:12:14 CET Tom Blauwendraat wrote:

> Hi Radovan

> I had to deal with a similar situation for a supermarket, where

> an external database had to be imported as products in the system.

> It had a lot of similar examples like "package of 6 eggs" or

> "crate of 20 bottles" whereby the purchase and sales units are

> different.


> I ended up creating separate "uom" records for each, which

> correspond to a certain number of another "uom". So a "12 pack" is

> 12 times a "unit". You can then decide to purchase in a different

> unit and sell in another unit. Odoo also has some documentation on

> it:


> ventory/product_management/product_replenishment/uom.html [1] Maybe this

> could help


> -Tom






> On 3/1/24 20:36, Radovan Skolnik wrote:



> Hello,

> I am dealing with a situation where the customer purchases many products

> that are like this: "Flora Margarine 8x1kg" It is not packaging, because it

> is not possible to buy just 1kg. This is quite confusing for the customer

> and I am trying to make it easier for them to manage. One of the problems

> is that they perceive that the UoM here should be kg (because they just see

> it there in the name). This can be handled by product_secondary_unit and

> stock_secondary_unit to get the amount in kgs. What I think could help is

> this: when ordering 1 unit of that product somehow turn in into 8 units of

> virtual "Flora Margarine 1kg" I am trying to wrap my head around this with

> no success. I have considered these modules but none seem to be doing what

> I would like to: * product_supplierinfo_qty_multiplier

> * purchase_only_by_packaging

> * product_pack

> Any ideas on how to approach this? Thank you very much.

> Best regards

> Radovan Skolnik



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