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Re: Mounting location of part upon production

Landis Arnold
- 16/02/2024 18:50:15
Hi Tom,
You should be able to have each of the items (specified legs) be on one BOM and when the Manufacturing order is created, you select the serial numbers being used on those individual line items.

I might need to build up a test case to be able to show you, and I should check to see what modules I have running that are beyond standard to enable that.

I would be happy to connect directly.  If I build a test case I could likely share a video or some images.
I should add, perhaps I am wrong,  but this seems pretty doable.  If not doable, it should be.


Landis Arnold
Nomadic Inc.
Niwot, CO USA

From: "Tom Blauwendraat" <>
To: "Odoo Community Association, (OCA) Contributors" <>
Sent: Friday, February 16, 2024 7:31:46 AM
Subject: Re: Mounting location of part upon production

On 2/16/24 15:17, Landis Arnold wrote:


> One way to accomplish some of this is to simply use "structured 

> serialization".

> If you were to apply  to your Chair use case, you might do the following:


> 200 Legs become 200 serialized items.

> In your BOM you would apply a Top Down with Chair, Leg position 1, 2, 

> 3 and 4, Other components

> Focusing on the Leg Positions:  Basically a BOM for each would allow 

> the Serialized Legs to be used for their source.

> You would Select a Serial Number for each in the BOM positions for 

> each (leg1, leg2, leg3, leg4)

Hi Landis,

this sounds exactly like what I need, but I'm not sure that I follow - 
if you say you need a "bom for each", then you basically mean defining 
each leg as a separate product, which you include in the main BoM; so 
there's a production step in between where a leg becomes a leg1, and 
then becomes part of the table. Am I right? Or are you talking about 
some other kind of serialization, that I don't yet know about?

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