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Re: Concurrency write check

Therp, Tom Blauwendraat
- 15/02/2024 11:58:21
It looks like it only actions when CONCURRENCY_FIELD ("__last_update") 
is defined in the context, maybe that's why it's not triggering for you?

The functionality seems indeed to be that whenever someone tries to save 
a change on a form view of something that someone else saved meanwhile, 
it drops out with a validation error.

Perhaps they added the context key just to be able to test with this 
functionality before rolling it out?

On 2/14/24 18:27, Sergio Corato wrote:

> Hi,

> I haven't found a way to check if the concurrency check here works: 


> Shouldn't it warn/block if someone tries to write on a field that has 

> been modified in the meanwhile?

> Sergio Corato


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