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Re: Best model for selling unique products (used machines)

InitOS GmbH, Pete Hahn
- 24/08/2020 13:56:36

Am 24.08.20 um 15:26 schrieb Bettina Pfeifer

> sometimes it helps to imagine what you (your future odoo client)

> want to know after one, two, three ... years of sales. What would

> you like to know about all your sales, the products you sold.

> Which ones made trouble after sales, which ones made your odoo

> client happy, which ones led to more trades, which ones where hard

> to get and easy to sell or vice versa. Which ones need a lot of

> warehouse space, which ones need special care. How do you want to

> report on the past. What decisions should be made for the future.

Thanks. Good questions.

> And if you are able to generate the "list" you mention, that

> might be good starting point.

This list already exists and with a lot of specfic attributes added to
each item (machine) including each having it’s own price and even
possible different tax.

That’s why I doubt it’s a good idea to model these list/items using
`stock.production.lot` customizations.

The only thing that some machines may have in common is the base model
and manufacturer.
So from non-technical perspective it’s more like “product & variants”.
Not like “product & lots of identical product items”, like e.g. in the
smart phone case.)

Regards. Peter