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Re: Feature to require PO Number on Sale Orders

by Richard deMeester <> - 19/08/2020 05:12:18

Hi Bettina,

We have a module we have a module we install that checks if "Ref" is provided, but only enforced when the order is validated (allowing you to put in quotes without a reference).  It also optionally enforces that the reference must be unique by customer.  They are company properties, allowing different companies in one database to operate uniquely.

We find many of our customers benefit from this functionality.


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From: Bettina Pfeifer <>
Sent: Wednesday, 19 August 2020 2:32 AM
To: Contributors <>
Subject: Re: Feature to require PO Number on Sale Orders

Hi Daniel,

the sale orde ref field was already mentioned, but sometimes a client needs a very special field to exactly match their (SAP) order request (in German, that number is called BANF). Due to the Workflow in SAP, it is often the case that the BANF is not known at the beginning of the sale. Only a short time before the invoice is allowed to be issued, this BANF is available. In German, "to banf" (banfen) has already become a verb.

So if you should happen to mean this special PO number, those Odoo users who issue invoices to corporates would love to use that.

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Am 18.08.20 um 17:56 schrieb Daniel Reis:

It is common to find customer that require for PO numbers to be included 
in the invoices sento to them.
So, for these customers we might want to make sure that the PO Number is 
included in the Sale Order starting the process.

I expected to already have in the OCA repos some features related to 
this workflow, but couldn't find any.
Maybe I looked at the wrong repos?
If not, I could start a design for this.

Thanks for your help

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