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Re: OCA Repositories in Odoo Apps Store

by Fekete Mihai <> - 09/06/2020 07:43:50

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback.

Daniel, do we have a script that does this registration of repo's or how is it done, would be good to launch them all and check after the warnings, for me i was more interested in the l10n-romania repo, but if we have the warnings we can create a issue in the maintainer-tools repo and to check them.


On 09.06.2020 08:31, Simone Orsi wrote:

I'll do a round of checks but we have soooo many repos and modules that is very hard to get the full picture of their status at glance.

@Fekete: do you have a list of modules/repo/branch you specifically detected?

AFAIK this can be due to a bunch of reasons: branch not registered, scan of repo failed.

The 1st reason depends on the fact that the process is still manual and Odoo does not ease this process at all.
There's a WIP proof of concept here to try to automate the process.
If anyone wants to help Alexey with it, I'm sure it will be appreciated ;)

The 2nd may depend on errors when parsing some files (eg: rst docs).

Meanwhile, if you notice a module or a repo is missing, please let us know.


On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 11:21 PM Daniel Reis <> wrote:

I got hold of the OCA app credentials, and there are a lot of warning to deal with.
I'll go through them.

You're welcome to ask me about any particular repo, if you want.


On 08/06/2020 20:56, Frederik Kramer wrote:
Or probably strategy enforcement ;-) Who knows. But i am with Holger to
double check and to make sure that OCA is not doeing anything wrong

Best Frederik

Am Montag, den 08.06.2020, 19:52 +0000 schrieb Holger Brunn:

> > Except mistake or bugs, the company seems filter the apps she wants

> to show.


> so let's assume one of the first two and reach out to see what's

> going on. A 

> mistake/glitch/whatever on the submitting (so our) side also isn't

> impossible, 

> so let's ask the people busy with that to double check.


> In the past I made the mistake to mark some of my cooler modules as 

> dependencies, which they were because they don't do anything on their

> own, but 

> that got them hidden in the app store. Maybe we also have different

> visibility 

> rules at play between odoo sa and oca?


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