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Re: initialization of qweb template caches on website

Vauxoo, Moisés López Calderón
- 09/06/2020 06:29:22
Hi Alexandre,

> ...issue related to qweb templates on the website. The first time a worker serves these...

I agree with you
 - If it is only the first time so it confirms that there is a slow cached process.
 - Since the first time was slow (caching) and the second one it is not. (If the second time is using the same worker).

1) Can you reproduce it even if you are not using a proxy with cache (e.g. nginx)?

If we analyze Odoo we can look for the cached methods:
 - rgrep "\@.*cache(" . --include=*.py --exclude-dir=test* -A2 |grep "    def "

The following method are cached in Odoo and enterprise projects:

In our experience slowest are:
 - ir_rule._compute_domain:
   - computing a lot of records
   - computing relational fields (
   - Using a computed field
 - ir_translation.__get_source:
   - A lot of terms to translate in the qweb view
   - A lot of fields(translate=True) renderized

But if you like to find the culprit... Are you able to run profilers?

Check the following cases detected before using profilers:

- Enable advanced logs in postgresql to get a pgbadger report to detect:
   - most executed queries
   - slowest executed queries
   - missing index
   - locked records
- Run py-spy to get a flame to detect:
  - slowest python methods

Running both at the same time you can cross information and look for the culprit easier.

El lun., 8 jun. 2020 a las 8:22, Gustavo Valverde (<>) escribió:
Hi Alexandre, 

This is an interesting subject, as it's kind of hard to find a sweet spot.

I've been dealing with Odoo performance improvements in different scenarios for a few months now. I thought I had most of it figured out until I started dealing with ecommerce and fighting with Google's pagespeed. 

I found out multiple things have to be taken into consideration when dealing with websites:
  • If you have a high amount of workers, restarting or redeploying new changes make things hellish slow.
  • Mixed setups (multiprocess for the backend + multithread for the website) make things better; but it depends on the load and amount of online visitors that you could have at the same time.
  • Nginx caching and CDNs are your friends. Don't be afraid of caching /web/content, but do not cache it for excessive times.

On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 8:22 AM Alexandre Fayolle <> wrote:

A customer (odoo 12.0) here is facing a performance issue related to
qweb templates on the website. The first time a worker serves these, we
get terrible performance. I suspect we are not the only ones facing
this. Using an external service to GET /shop for instance on a regular
basis sort of alleviates this, but this is really unelegant.

Is there a killer module I missed which is able to preload the cache for
a number of views each time a worker is started? Or some other strategy?

Thanks for your feedback

Alexandre Fayolle
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