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Re: Void an Invoice? (not really "Cancel")

Intero Technologies GmbH, C. Zoellner
- 15/05/2020 16:13:00

please don't mix up state cancelation with accounting cancelation. The second one was already answered very clearly by using Odoo's "add credit note" functionality.

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Von: "Diogo Duarte" <>
An: "Odoo Community Association, (OCA) Contributors" <>
Gesendet: Freitag, 15. Mai 2020 10:17:29
Betreff: Re: Void an Invoice? (not really "Cancel")

Version 13 there is a button "Reset to Draft" >> "Cancel"
Version 12.0 and under you need to install a module for allowing cancel journals the check "allow cancel" on the journal then you get a cancel button on the invoices.

This is not legal in most countries, correct is to add a credit note/refund for the full amount

On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 7:21 AM Alexey Pelykh <> wrote:
Dear community,

I’m coming from Xero software for invoicing to Odoo, and in Xero there was a feature to void an invoice where it stays non-editable, yet no longer requires any payments. Use-case: invoice was sent to customer but for some reason the deal was cancelled.
Is it a thing in Odoo?

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