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Re: Information on Odoo website limits

Diogo Duarte
- 06/05/2020 23:34:19
Hi Jonathan,

You can always use a load balancer and several Odoo instances, that will allow you to scale a lot.
Use CDN and cache (where possible) and you will be relieving Odoo of some load.

All about RAM and Cores at the end of the day

On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 9:52 PM Jonathan Wilson <> wrote:
Hi Community

We have a client who is looking to create a portal for the doctors to enter (for example) flu vaccine orders. They are concerned about two things in particular:
  • How many concurrent requests could Odoo handle (eg they get flooded with requrests if ever the COVID-19 vaccine is released)
  • How susceptible is it to denial of service attacks?
I realise that these are pretty broad questions, but any guidelines would be very useful.

Thanks to all.

Kind regards

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